being (n.)
physical existence, life
Cym I.i.38[First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of Posthumus' father] took such sorrow / That he quit being [i.e. died]
Ham II.i.96[Ophelia to Polonius, of Hamlet's sigh] it did seem to shatter all his bulk / And end his being
Oth I.ii.21[Othello to Iago] I fetch my life and being / From men of royal siege
TG III.i.57[Valentine to Duke] My health and happy being at your court
Tim IV.iii.247[Apemantus to Timon] Best state, contentless, / Hath a distracted and most wretched being
TS I.i.11[Lucentio to Tranio] Pisa ... / Gave me my being and my father first

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