basilisk (n.) Old form(s): Basiliske, Basiliskes, Basilisque
mythical serpent which killed with its look
2H6 III.ii.324[Suffolk to Queen, of the King and Warwick] Their chiefest prospect, murdering basilisks!
2H6 III.ii.52[King to Suffolk] come, basilisk, / And kill the innocent gazer with thy sight
3H6 III.ii.187[Richard alone] I'll slay more gazers than the basilisk
Cym II.iv.107[Posthumus to Iachimo, of Innogen's ring] It is a basilisk unto mine eye
R3 I.ii.150[Anne to Richard, of her eyes] Would they were basilisks to strike thee dead!
WT I.ii.388[Polixenes to Camillo] Make me not sighted like the basilisk

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