Group Tickets

Need help to create a group ticket?

  • Register an account (or log in to your existing account).
  • Go to My Account page
  • Scroll down to Access for groups and institutions.
  • Click Continue.
  • Click on the time period you want and fill in the details.
  • Click on Paypal to complete the transaction.

You will shortly be given an access code to the site. The code is assigned to your account automatically. You can pass this on to your students or members.

You and your students/members now have access to the site.

If your institution does not wish to use Paypal, we can invoice independently. Let us know via our Contact us  page and we will set up an account manually.

Direct IP access

It is also possible for institutions to access the site directly using their IP address, without going through the Paypal/code procedure. If this is your preference, tell us via our Contact us  page which ticket you want to purchase, along with the IP ranges you wish to use, and we will set up the account manually and send an invoice. Rates are the same as the code-based procedure.



When your students or members want to access Shakespeare's Words, using a code

After each person registers an individual account (they only need to enter a username and password), then they:

  • Click on My Tickets.
  • Click on Renew extend or use code.
  • Type the code into I have a code (It isn't case sensitive).
  • Click Submit code.
The full site is now available for them to explore until the ticket expires, as long as they are in your institution.

Direct access

If the institution has arranged direct IP access, the full site is available without students having to use this procedure.

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