Abbreviations, symbols, and conventions Symbols and abbreviations

adj adjective
adv adverb
conj conjunction
det determiner
F Folio (see below)
f feminine [in French, Latin, Spanish, and Italian grammar]
ff [in line references] and following lines
int interjection
m masculine [in French, Latin, Spanish, and Italian grammar]
n noun
nt. neuter [in Latin grammar]
part particle
prep preposition
pron pronunciation
Q Quarto (see below)
QQ Quartos
v verb
> [in panels] becomes, develops into
>> see, see also
? [in panels] unclear meaning or usage
= equivalent term or meaning
/ Marks a shared word in a headword: call on / upon; Marks a line break in a quotation: this rough magic / I here abjure
... Marks omitted words in a quotation: we'll ... take upon's the mystery of things
( ) Contain grammatical information
[ ] Contain stylistic and explanatory matter in definitions
  Contain alternative prepositions in definitions (see below)
  Contain contextual matter before a quotation (see below)
  Contain clarifying grammatical words within a quotation (see below)
  Contain textual alternatives following a quotation (see below)
  Contain clarificatory matter following a quotation (see below)