King John

Act I
Act II
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Act V
Enter the Bastard and Hubert, severally


Who's there? Speak, ho! Speak quickly, or I shoot.


A friend. What art thou?
part (n.) 2 side, camp, party


                         Of the part of England.


Whither dost thou go?


What's that to thee?


                         Why may not I demand

Of thine affairs as well as thou of mine?


Hubert, I think.
perfect (adj.) 2 certain, definite, positive


                         Thou hast a perfect thought.

I will upon all hazards well believe
hazards, upon all against any odds

Thou art my friend, that knowest my tongue so well.
tongue (n.) 1 speech, expression, language, words, voice

Who art thou?


                         Who thou wilt; and if thou please,

Thou mayst befriend me so much as to think

I come one way of the Plantagenets.


Unkind remembrance! Thou and endless night
endless (adj.) 1 boundless, universal, impenetrable
night (n.) 2 darkness, blackness
remembrance (n.) 1 memory, bringing to mind, recollection See Topics: Frequency count

Have done me shame. Brave soldier, pardon me
brave (adj.) 2 noble, worthy, excellent

That any accent breaking from thy tongue
accent (n.) 1 talk, speech, utterance, words

Should 'scape the true acquaintance of mine ear.
scape, 'scape (v.) escape, avoid See Topics: Frequency count


Come, come! Sans compliment, what news abroad?
compliment, complement (n.) 2 ceremony, etiquette, protocol
sans (prep.) without


Why, here walk I in the black brow of night
brow (n.) 1 appearance, aspect, countenance See Topics: Frequency count

To find you out.


                         Brief, then; and what's the news?


O my sweet sir, news fitting to the night –

Black, fearful, comfortless, and horrible.


Show me the very wound of this ill news;
ill (adj.) 1 bad, adverse, unfavourable See Topics: Frequency count
wound (n.) incision, most painful part

I am no woman, I'll not swound at it.
swound (v.) faint, swoon


The King, I fear, is poisoned by a monk;

I left him almost speechless, and broke out
break out (v.) rush out, come out

To acquaint you with this evil, that you might

The better arm you to the sudden time
sudden (adj.) 4 unexpected, unpredictable, unlooked for

Than if you had at leisure known of this.


How did he take it? Who did taste to him?
taste (v.) 2 act as taster, make trial [as if by taste]


A monk, I tell you, a resolved villain,
resolved (adj.) 1 determined, settled, decided

Whose bowels suddenly burst out. The King

Yet speaks, and peradventure may recover.
peradventure (adv.) perhaps, maybe, very likely See Topics: Frequency count


Who didst thou leave to tend his majesty?


Why, know you not? The lords are all come back,

And brought Prince Henry in their company,

At whose request the King hath pardoned them,

And they are all about his majesty.


Withhold thine indignation, mighty heaven,

And tempt us not to bear above our power!
bear (v.), past forms bore, borne 1 behave, look, conduct [oneself]

I'll tell tree, Hubert, half my power this night,
power (n.) 1 armed force, troops, host, army See Topics: Frequency count

Passing these flats, are taken by the tide –

These Lincoln Washes have devoured them;

Myself, well mounted, hardly have escaped.
hardly (adv.) 1 with great difficulty, only with difficulty

Away before! Conduct me to the King;

I doubt he will be dead or ere I come.
doubt (v.) 1 fear, be afraid [for], feel anxious [for]


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