Much Ado About Nothing

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Claudio, Don Pedro, Balthasar, and three or

four with tapers, all wearing mourning


Is this the monument of Leonato?
taper (n.) candle


It is, my lord.


(reading from a scroll)

Done to death by slanderous tongues

Was the Hero that here lies:

Death, in guerdon of her wrongs
guerdon (n.) [pron: 'gerdn] reward, recompense

Gives her fame which never dies.

So the life that died with shame

Lives in death with glorious fame.

Hang thou there upon the tomb

Praising her when I am dumb.

Now, music, sound, and sing your solemn hymn.


Pardon, goddess of the night,

Those that slew thy virgin knight;
knight (n.) devotee, servant, follower [male or female]

For the which, with songs of woe,

Round about her tomb they go.

Midnight, assist our moan;

Help us to sigh and groan,

Heavily, heavily.

Graves yawn and yield your dead,
yawn (v.) open wide, gape

Till death be uttered,
utter (v.) 3 [unclear meaning] commemorate, express, voice

Heavily, heavily.


Now, unto thy bones good night!

Yearly will I do this rite.


Good morrow, masters; put your torches out;
morrow (n.) morning See Topics: Frequency count

The wolves have preyed, and look, the gentle day,
gentle (adj.) 4 peaceful, calm, free from violence

Before the wheels of Phoebus, round about

Dapples the drowsy east with spots of grey.

Thanks to you all, and leave us: fare you well.


Good morrow, masters: each his several way.
several (adj.) 2 various, sundry, respective, individual


Come, let us hence, and put on other weeds;
weed (n.) 1 (plural) garments, dress, clothes

And then to Leonato's we will go.


And Hymen now with luckier issue speed's
issue (n.) 2 outcome, result, consequence(s) See Topics: Frequency count
lucky (adj.) fortunate, successful, prosperous
speed (v.) 1 meet with success, prosper, flourish See Topics: Politeness

Than this for whom we rendered up this woe.


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