The Merry Wives of Windsor

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Page, Shallow, and Slender
couch (v.) 1 conceal, hide, lie hidden


Come, come. We'll couch i'th' Castle ditch till we

see the light of our fairies. Remember, son Slender, my



Ay, forsooth. I have spoke with her, and we have
forsooth (adv.) in truth, certainly, truly, indeed See Topics: Frequency count

a nay-word how to know one another. I come to her in
nayword, nay-word (n.) 1 password, watchword

white, and cry ‘ mum ’; she cries ‘ budget ’; and by that

we know one another.


That's good too. But what needs either your

‘ mum ’ or her ‘ budget ’? The white will decipher her
decipher (v.) 3 make known to, indicate to

well enough. It hath struck ten o'clock.


The night is dark. Light and spirits will become it
become (v.) 1 be fitting, befit, be appropriate to See Topics: Frequency count

well. Heaven prosper our sport! No man means evil but
prosper (v.) make prosperous, give success to
sport (n.) 1 recreation, amusement, entertainment See Topics: Frequency count

the devil, and we shall know him by his horns. Let's

away. Follow me.


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