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Enter Gower


Now our sands are almost run;

More a little, and then dumb.

This my last boon give me,
boon (n.) petition, entreaty, request

For such kindness must relieve me,

That you aptly will suppose
aptly (adv.) easily, readily

What pageantry, what feats, what shows,

What minstrelsy, and pretty din

The regent made in Mytilene

To greet the King. So he thrived,
greet (v.) 2 please, gratify, satisfy

That he is promised to be wived

To fair Marina, but in no wise

Till he had done his sacrifice

As Dian bade: whereto being bound,

The interim, pray you, all confound.
confound (v.) 3 make as nothing, do away with

In feathered briefness sails are filled,
briefness (n.) speedy action, promptness
feathered (adj.) winged, fleet, swift

And wishes fall out as they're willed.

At Ephesus the temple see,

Our king, and all his company.

That he can hither come so soon

Is by your fancies' thankful doom.
doom (n.) 1 judgement, sentence, decision
fancy (n.) 3 imagination, creativity, inventiveness


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