The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Eglamour
gild (v.), past forms gilt, gilded 2 bring colour to, brighten, illuminate


The sun begins to gild the western sky,

And now it is about the very hour

That Silvia at Friar Patrick's cell should meet me.

She will not fail, for lovers break not hours

Unless it be to come before their time,

So much they spur their expedition.
expedition (n.) 1 haste, speedy action, prompt dispatch

Enter Silvia

See where she comes. Lady, a happy evening!


Amen, amen! Go on, good Eglamour,

Out at the postern by the abbey wall;
postern (n.) entrance, side gate, back door

I fear I am attended by some spies.
attend (v.) 4 accompany, follow closely, go with


Fear not. The forest is not three leagues off;

If we recover that, we are sure enough.
recover (v.) 3 reach, get to, make
sure (adj.) 3 safe, secure, free from danger


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