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Enter Gower
chance (v.) 2 come by chance, happen to arrive
scape, 'scape (v.) escape, avoid See Topics: Frequency count


Marina thus the brothel 'scapes, and chances

Into an honest house, our story says.

She sings like one immortal, and she dances

As goddess-like to her admired lays.
lay (n.) 1 song

Deep clerks she dumbs, and with her neele composes
clerk (n.) 1 scholar, sage, man of learning
deep (adj.) 2 learned, profound, erudite
dumb (v.) make inaudible, reduce to silence
neele (n.) needle

Nature's own shape, of bud, bird, branch, or berry,

That even her art sisters the natural roses;

Her inkle, silk, twin with the rubied cherry:
inkle (n.) kind of linen tape, yarn

That pupils lacks she none of noble race,

Who pour their bounty on her, and her gain

She gives the cursed bawd. Here we her place,
bawd (n.) pimp, procurer, pander, go-between See Topics: Frequency count

And to her father turn our thoughts again,

Where we left him on the sea. We there him lost,

Whence, driven before the winds, he is arrived

Here where his daughter dwells; and on this coast

Suppose him now at anchor. The city strived

God Neptune's annual feast to keep; from whence

Lysimachus our Tyrian ship espies,
espy (v.) catch sight of, discern, see

His banners sable, trimmed with rich expense;

And to him in his barge with fervour hies.
hie (v.) hasten, hurry, speed See Topics: Frequency count

In your supposing once more put your sight;
supposing (n.) imagination, creative thinking

Of heavy Pericles, think this his bark;
bark, barque (n.) ship, vessel
heavy (adj.) 1 sorrowful, sad, gloomy See Topics: Frequency count

Where what is done in action, more if might,
discover (v.) 1 reveal, show, make known See Topics: Frequency count

Shall be discovered. Please you sit and hark.


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