Richard III

Act I
Act II
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Act V
Enter Earl of Derby, and Sir Christopher Urswick,

a Priest


Sir Christopher, tell Richmond this from me:

That in the sty of the most deadly boar

My son George Stanley is franked up in hold;
frank up (v.) shut up in a sty, put in an enclosure
hold (n.) 3 guard, custody, confinement

If I revolt, off goes young George's head;

The fear of that holds off my present aid.

So, get thee gone; commend me to thy lord.
commend (v.) 1 convey greetings, present kind regards See Topics: Frequency count

Withal say that the Queen hath heartily consented
withal (adv.) 1 in addition, moreover, as well See Topics: withal and -withal

He should espouse Elizabeth her daughter.

But, tell me, where is princely Richmond now?


At Pembroke, or at Ha'rfordwest in Wales.


What men of name resort to him?


Sir Walter Herbert, a renowned soldier,

Sir Gilbert Talbot, Sir William Stanley,

Oxford, redoubted Pembroke, Sir James Blunt,

And Rice ap Thomas, with a valiant crew,
crew (n.) 1 band, company, body of men

And many other of great name and worth;

And towards London do they bend their power,
bend (v.) 1 aim, direct, level, turn
power (n.) 1 armed force, troops, host, army See Topics: Frequency count

If by the way they be not fought withal.


Well, hie thee to thy lord. I kiss his hand;
hie (v.) hasten, hurry, speed See Topics: Frequency count

My letters will resolve him of my mind.
resolve (v.) 3 inform, tell

Gives letter



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