Troilus and Cressida


Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Paris, Troilus, Aeneas, Deiphobus, Antenor,

and Diomedes


It is great morning, and the hour prefixed
great (adj.) 4 high, full
prefixed (adj.) fixed, settled, prearranged, decided in advance

Of her delivery to this valiant Greek

Comes fast upon. Good my brother Troilus,
come upon (v.) approach, descend on

Tell you the lady what she is to do,

And haste her to the purpose.
purpose (n.) 3 outcome, result, end


                         Walk into her house.

I'll bring her to the Grecian presently;
presently (adv.) 1 immediately, instantly, at once See Topics: Frequency count

And to his hand when I deliver her,

Think it an altar, and thy brother Troilus

A priest, there offering to it his own heart.


I know what 'tis to love;

And would, as I shall pity, I could help. –

Please you walk in, my lords.


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