Henry VI Part 3

Act I
Act II
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Act V
Enter Warwick and Oxford in England, with

French soldiers


Trust me, my lord, all hitherto goes well;

The common people by numbers swarm to us.

Enter George and Somerset

But see where Somerset and Clarence comes!

Speak suddenly, my lords, are we all friends?
suddenly (adv.) 1 immediately, at once, without delay


Fear not that, my lord.


Then, gentle Clarence, welcome unto Warwick;

And welcome, Somerset. I hold it cowardice

To rest mistrustful where a noble heart
rest (v.) 1 remain, stay, stand

Hath pawned an open hand in sign of love;
pawn (v.) stake, pledge, risk

Else might I think that Clarence, Edward's brother,

Were but a feigned friend to our proceedings;

But welcome, sweet Clarence; my daughter shall be thine.

And now what rests but, in night's coverture,
coverture (n.) 1 protective darkness, cover, concealing shade
rest (v.) 2 remain [to be done], be left

Thy brother being carelessly encamped,
carelessly (adv.) 3 in a negligent manner, without taking proper military precautions

His soldiers lurking in the towns about,
lurk (v.) 2 idle, loiter, loaf

And but attended by a simple guard,
attend (v.) 4 accompany, follow closely, go with
simple (adj.) 6 basic, minimal, small

We may surprise and take him at our pleasure?

Our scouts have found the adventure very easy;
adventure (n.) 1 venture, enterprise, issue, hazard

That, as Ulysses and stout Diomede
stout (adj.) 1 brave, valiant, resolute

With sleight and manhood stole to Rhesus' tents,
sleight (n.) cunning, trickery, crafty deceit

And brought from thence the Thracian fatal steeds,
fatal (adj.) 1 ominous, full of foreboding, doom-laden

So we, well covered with the night's black mantle,

At unawares may beat down Edward's guard
unawares, at unexpectedly

And seize himself; I say not ‘ slaughter him ’,

For I intend but only to surprise him.
surprise (v.) 2 take prisoner, capture [especially: suddenly, unexpectedly]

You that will follow me to this attempt,

Applaud the name of Henry with your leader.

They all cry, ‘ Henry!’
sort (n.) 3 way, manner

Why, then, let's on our way in silent sort;

For Warwick and his friends, God and Saint George!


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