King Edward III

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Enter Lord Mountford with a coronet in his hand, with him the Earl of Salisbury


My lord of Salisbury, since by your aid

Mine enemy, Sir Charles of Blois, is slain,

And I again am quietly possessed

In Bretagne's dukedom, know that I resolve,

For this kind furtherance of your king and you,
furtherance (n.) aid, assistance, help

To swear allegiance to his majesty:

In sign whereof receive this coronet.
sign (n.) 2 token, witness, attestation

Bear it unto him, and withal mine oath

Never to be but Edward's faithful friend.


I take it, Mountford. Thus, I hope, ere long

The whole dominion of the realm of France
dominion (n.) land, territory, province

Will be surrendered to his conquering hand.

Exit Mountford

Now, if I knew but safely how to pass,

I would at Calais gladly meet his grace,

Whither I am by letters certified

That he intends to have his host removed.
host (n.) 1 army, armed multitude

It shall be so, this policy will serve. –

Ho, who's within? – Bring Villiers to me.

Enter Villiers

Villiers, thou know'st thou art my prisoner,

And that I might for ransom, if I would,

Require of thee a hundred thousand francs,

Or else retain and keep thee captive still.
still (adv.) 1 constantly, always, continually See Topics: Frequency count

But so it is, that for a smaller charge

Thou mayst be quit, and if thou wilt thyself.
quit (v.) 2 remit, release from

And this it is: procure me but a passport

Of Charles, the Duke of Normandy, that I

Without restraint may have recourse to Calais
recourse (n.) 1 opportunity of going, means of access

Through all the countries where he hath to do,

Which thou mayst easily obtain, I think,

By reason I have often heard thee say

He and thou were students once together;

And then thou shalt be set at liberty.

How say'st thou? Wilt thou undertake to do it?


I will, my lord; but I must speak with him.


Why, so thou shalt: take horse, and post from hence.
post (v.) 1 hasten, speed, ride fast

Only, before thou goest, swear by thy faith

That, if thou canst not compass my desire,
compass (v.) 1 accomplish, fulfil, achieve, bring about

Thou wilt return my prisoner back again;

And that shall be sufficient warrant for me.
warrant (n.) 1 assurance, pledge, guarantee


To that condition I agree, my lord,

And will unfeignedly perform the same.
unfeignedly (adv.) genuinely, sincerely, honestly



Farewell, Villiers.

Thus once I mean to try a Frenchman's faith.
try (v.) 2 put to the test, test the goodness [of]


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