Richard III

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Enter a Scrivener, with a paper in his hand
indictment (n.) legal document containing a charge
scrivener (n.) professional scribe, clerk, notary


This is the indictment of the good Lord Hastings,

Which in a set hand fairly is engrossed
engross (v.) 3 write out in proper legal form
fairly (adv.) 2 neatly, elegantly, handsomely, beautifully
hand (n.) 5 handwriting
set (adj.) 1 formal, ceremonial, secretary

That it may be today read o'er in Paul's.

And mark how well the sequel hangs together.
mark (v.) 1 note, pay attention [to], take notice [of] See Topics: Frequency count
sequel (n.) sequence, series, order of succession

Eleven hours I have spent to write it over,

For yesternight by Catesby was it sent me;
yesternight (n.) last night

The precedent was full as long a-doing;
precedent (n.) 3 original text from which a copy is made

And yet within these five hours Hastings lived,

Untainted, unexamined, free, at liberty.
untainted (adj.) 2 unaccused, not denounced

Here's a good world the while! Who is so gross
gross (adj.) 9 dull, obtuse, ignorant

That cannot see this palpable device?
device (n.) 7 excuse, evasion, subterfuge
palpable (adj.) evident, obvious, apparent

Yet who's so bold but says he sees it not?

Bad is the world, and all will come to naught

When such ill dealing must be seen in thought.
ill (adj.) 2 evil, wicked, immoral


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