King Lear

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Cornwall and Edmund


I will have my revenge ere I depart his house.


How, my lord, I may be censured, that nature
censure (v.) 3 pass judgement on, condemn, pronounce sentence on

thus gives way to loyalty, something fears me to think of.
fear (v.) 1 frighten, scare, terrify, daunt
something (adv.) 1 somewhat, rather See Topics: Frequency count


I now perceive it was not altogether your

brother's evil disposition made him seek his death; but
disposition (n.) 3 inclination, mood, frame of mind

a provoking merit set a-work by a reprovable badness in
a-work (adv.) at work, in action
merit (n.) 2 reward, just desert
reprovable (adj.) blameworthy, reprehensible, deserving censure



How malicious is my fortune that I must repent

to be just! This is the letter he spoke of, which approves
approve (v.) 1 prove, confirm, corroborate, substantiate
just (adj.) 5 honourable, loyal, faithful

him an intelligent party to the advantages of France. O
intelligent (adj.) 1 bearing intelligence, giving inside information

heavens! that this treason were not, or not I the



Go with me to the Duchess.


If the matter of this paper be certain, you have
matter (n.) 1 subject-matter, content, substance

mighty business in hand.


True or false, it hath made thee Earl of
false (adj.) 3 sham, spurious, not genuine, artificial

Gloucester. Seek out where thy father is, that he may be

ready for our apprehension.
apprehension (n.) 6 arrest, seizure, laying hold


comfort (v.) 2 assist, help, give aid to

If I find him comforting the King it will

stuff his suspicion more fully.(Aloud) I will persever in

my course of loyalty, though the conflict be sore between
course (n.) 1 course of action, way of proceeding See Topics: Frequency count
sore (adj.) 1 severe, harsh, heavy

that and my blood.


I will lay trust upon thee, and thou shalt find

a dearer father in my love.


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