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Enter Cerimon and Thaisa


Madam, this letter, and some certain jewels,

Lay with you in your coffer, which are
coffer (n.) 1 box, chest

At your command. Know you the character?
character (n.) 3 handwriting, style of writing, lettering


It is my lord's.

That I was shipped at sea I well remember,

Even on my bearing time. But whether there
bearing (adj.) child-bearing, of labour

Delivered, by the holy gods,

I cannot rightly say. But since King Pericles,

My wedded lord, I ne'er shall see again,

A vestal livery will I take me to,
livery (n.) 1 uniform, costume, special clothing See Topics: Frequency count
take to (v.) 1 have recourse to, take oneself off to
vestal (adj.) 1 as a virgin priestess

And never more have joy.


Madam, if this you purpose as ye speak,
purpose (v.) 1 intend, plan

Diana's temple is not distant far,

Where you may abide till your date expire.
date (n.) 3 lifetime, term of existence

Moreover, if you please, a niece of mine

Shall there attend you.
attend (v.) 2 serve, follow, wait [on/upon]


My recompense is thanks, that's all;

Yet my good will is great, though the gift small.


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