All's Well That Ends Well

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Flourish. Enter the Duke of Florence, Bertram, drum

and trumpets, soldiers, Parolles


The general of our horse thou art, and we,

Great in our hope, lay our best love and credence
credence (n.) faith, confidence, trust
great (adj.) 4 high, full

Upon thy promising fortune.


                         Sir, it is

A charge too heavy for my strength; but yet
charge (n.) 3 task, responsibility, duty
heavy (adj.) 3 pressing, weighty, overpowering

We'll strive to bear it for your worthy sake
bear (v.), past forms bore, borne 5 sustain, carry through, keep going

To th' extreme edge of hazard.


                         Then go thou forth,

And fortune play upon thy prosperous helm
helm (n.) 1 helmet

As thy auspicious mistress!


                         This very day,

Great Mars, I put myself into thy file;
file (n.) 1 rank of soldiers, formation

Make me but like my thoughts and I shall prove

A lover of thy drum, hater of love.


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