The Two Gentlemen of Verona

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Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Proteus
forswear (v), past forms forsworn, forswore 1 swear falsely, perjure [oneself], break one's word See Topics: Frequency count


To leave my Julia, shall I be forsworn;

To love fair Silvia, shall I be forsworn;

To wrong my friend, I shall be much forsworn.

And e'en that power which gave me first my oath
power (n.) 3 authority, government

Provokes me to this threefold perjury:

Love bade me swear, and Love bids me forswear.

O sweet-suggesting Love, if thou hast sinned,
sweet-suggesting (adj.) sweetly tempting, seductive, irresistable

Teach me, thy tempted subject, to excuse it!

At first I did adore a twinkling star,

But now I worship a celestial sun.

Unheedful vows may heedfully be broken;
heedfully (adv.) 1 attentively, carefully, conscientiously
unheedful (adj.) careless, heedless, irresponsible

And he wants wit that wants resolved will
resolved (adj.) 1 determined, settled, decided
want (v.) 1 lack, need, be without See Topics: Frequency count
will (n.) 3 wilfulness, self-will, determination
wit (n.) 1 intelligence, wisdom, good sense, mental ability See Topics: Frequency count

To learn his wit t' exchange the bad for better.
learn (v.) 1 teach, instruct [not a regional dialect usage as in modern English]

Fie, fie, unreverend tongue, to call her bad
unreverend (adj.) irreverent, impertinent, impudent

Whose sovereignty so oft thou hast preferred
oft (adv.) often See Topics: Frequency count
sovereignty (n.) 1 pre-eminence, greatest excellence

With twenty thousand soul-confirming oaths!

I cannot leave to love, and yet I do;
leave (v.) 1 cease, stop, give up

But there I leave to love where I should love.

Julia I lose, and Valentine I lose;

If I keep them, I needs must lose myself;

If I lose them, thus find I by their loss:

For Valentine, myself; for Julia, Silvia.

I to myself am dearer than a friend,

For love is still most precious in itself;
still (adv.) 1 constantly, always, continually See Topics: Frequency count

And Silvia – witness heaven, that made her fair! –

Shows Julia but a swarthy Ethiope.
Ethiop, Ethiope (adj./n.) Ethiopian, African, person with a dark countenance See Topics: World [outside Britain], places and peoples

I will forget that Julia is alive,

Remembering that my love to her is dead;

And Valentine I'll hold an enemy,

Aiming at Silvia as a sweeter friend.
friend (n.) 1 lover, sweetheart, suitor

I cannot now prove constant to myself

Without some treachery used to Valentine.

This night he meaneth with a corded ladder

To climb celestial Silvia's chamber-window,

Myself in counsel, his competitor.
competitor (n.) 1 partner, associate, colleague

Now presently I'll give her father notice
presently (adv.) 1 immediately, instantly, at once See Topics: Frequency count

Of their disguising and pretended flight,
pretended (adj.) intended, purposed, proposed

Who, all enraged, will banish Valentine,

For Thurio he intends shall wed his daughter;

But Valentine being gone, I'll quickly cross
cross (v.) 1 prevent, thwart, forestall

By some sly trick blunt Thurio's dull proceeding.
blunt (adj.) 1 stupid, obtuse, dull-witted
dull (adj.) 6 obtuse, stupid

Love, lend me wings to make my purpose swift,
purpose (n.) 1 intention, aim, plan See Topics: Frequency count

As thou hast lent me wit to plot this drift!
drift (n.) 1 plan, intention, aim
wit (n.) 1 intelligence, wisdom, good sense, mental ability See Topics: Frequency count


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