As You Like It

Act I
Act II
Act IV
Act V
Enter Duke Frederick, with Lords


Can it be possible that no man saw them?

It cannot be; some villains of my court

Are of consent and sufferance in this.
consent (n.) 1 agreement, accord, unanimity, compact
sufferance (n.) 3 permission, consent, acquiescence, say-so
villain (n.) 1 serf, servant, bondman


I cannot hear of any that did see her.

The ladies her attendants of her chamber
chamber (n.) 2 bedchamber, bedroom

Saw her abed, and in the morning early

They found the bed untreasured of their mistress.
untreasure (v.) rob, empty [of a treasure]


My lord, the roynish clown at whom so oft
roynish (adj.) vulgar, scurvy, coarse

Your grace was wont to laugh is also missing.
oft (adv.) often See Topics: Frequency count
wont (v.) be accustomed, used [to], be in the habit of See Topics: Frequency count

Hisperia, the princess' gentlewoman,

Confesses that she secretly o'erheard

Your daughter and her cousin much commend
commend (v.) 4 praise, admire, extol

The parts and graces of the wrestler

That did but lately foil the sinewy Charles,
lately (adv.) 1 recently, of late
sinewy (adj.) muscular, well-developed, brawny

And she believes wherever they are gone

That youth is surely in their company.


Send to his brother; fetch that gallant hither.
gallant (n.) 1 fine gentleman, man of fashion See Topics: Address forms

If he be absent, bring his brother to me;

I'll make him find him. Do this suddenly,
suddenly (adv.) 1 immediately, at once, without delay

And let not search and inquisition quail
inquisition (n.) inquiry, search, questioning
quail (v.) 3 fail, slacken, flag

To bring again these foolish runaways.


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