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Enter Gower


Here have you seen a mighty king

His child, iwis, to incest bring;
iwis (adv.) [archaism] assuredly, certainly, truly See Topics: Archaisms

A better prince and benign lord,

That will prove awful both in deed and word.
awful (adj.) 1 awe-inspiring, worthy of respect

Be quiet then as men should be

Till he hath passed necessity.

I'll show you those in trouble's reign,

Losing a mite, a mountain gain.

The good in conversation,
conversation (n.) 1 way of life, behaviour, manners, conduct
good (n.) 2 good fellow

To whom I give my benison,
benison (n.) blessing, benediction

Is still at Tarsus, where each man

Thinks all is writ he speken can;
speken (v.) [archaism] speak See Topics: Archaisms
writ (n.) 3 [archaism] gospel, holy writ See Topics: Archaisms

And, to remember what he does
remember (v.) 3 commemorate, acknowledge, reward, recognize

Build his statue to make him glorious.

But tidings to the contrary

Are brought your eyes; what need speak I?

Dumb show:

Enter at one door Pericles talking with Cleon, all the

train with them. Enter at another door a gentleman

with a letter to Pericles. Pericles shows the letter to

Cleon. Pericles gives the messenger a reward and

knights him. Exit Pericles at one door and Cleon at


Good Helicane that stayed at home,

Not to eat honey like a drone

From others' labours, forthy he strive
forthy (adv.) [archaism] therefore, for this reason See Topics: Archaisms

To killen bad, keep good alive,

And to fulfil his prince' desire,

Sends word of all that haps in Tyre;
hap (v.) happen, take place, come to pass

How Thaliard came full bent with sin
bent (adj.) 1 determined, intent, resolved

And hid intent to murder him,
intent (n.) intention, purpose, aim See Topics: Frequency count

And that in Tarsus was not best

Longer for him to make his rest.
rest (n.) 4 residence, lodging, stay

He, doing so, put forth to seas,

Where, when men been, there's seldom ease;

For now the wind begins to blow;

Thunder above and deeps below

Make such unquiet that the ship

Should house him safe is wracked and split,
split (v.) break up, split in two
wrack (v.) 1 wreck, shipwreck, lose at sea

And he, good prince, having all lost,

By waves from coast to coast is tossed.

All perishen of man, of pelf,
pelf (n.) 1 possessions, property, goods

Ne aught escapend but himself;
aught (n.) anything, [with negative word] nothing See Topics: Frequency count
ne (conj.) [archaism] nor See Topics: Archaisms

Till Fortune, tired with doing bad,

Threw him ashore, to give him glad.
glad (n.) gladness, joy, delight

And here he comes. What shall be next,

Pardon old Gower – this longs the text.
long (v.) 2 belong to, be part of


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