The Two Noble Kinsmen


Act I
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I would now ask ye how ye like the play,

But, as it is with schoolboys, cannot say;
say (v.) 1 speak, utter a sound

I am cruel fearful. Pray yet stay awhile,
cruel (adv.) terribly, extremely, exceedingly
fearful (adj.) 1 timid, timorous, frightened, full of fear

And let me look upon ye. No man smile?

Then it goes hard, I see. He that has
hard (adv.) 3 badly, poorly, ill

Loved a young handsome wench, then, show his face –
wench (n.) girl, lass See Topics: Frequency count

'Tis strange if none be here – and if he will

Against his conscience, let him hiss, and kill

Our market. 'Tis in vain, I see, to stay ye.
market (n.) 3 opportunity to make a profit
stay (v.) 10 dissuade, stop, prevent

Have at the worst can come, then! Now, what say ye?
have at (v.) let's face, let's see

And yet mistake me not. I am not bold;
bold (adj.) 2 overconfident, presumptuous, audacious, impudent

We have no such cause. If the tale we have told –
cause (n.) 1 reason, motive, ground

For 'tis no other – any way content ye,

For to that honest purpose it was meant ye,
mean (v.) 2 intend for, have in mind for
purpose (n.) 1 intention, aim, plan See Topics: Frequency count

We have our end; and ye shall have ere long
end (n.) 1 purpose, aim, design

I dare say many a better, to prolong

Your old loves to us. We, and all our might,

Rest at your service. Gentlemen, goodnight.

Flourish. Exit

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