Henry VIII


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'Tis ten to one this play can never please

All that are here. Some come to take their ease,

And sleep an act or two; but those, we fear,

We've frighted with our trumpets; so, 'tis clear,
fright (v.), past form frighted frighten, scare, terrify See Topics: Frequency count

They'll say 'tis naught. Others to hear the city
naught, nought (adj.) 1 worthless, useless, of no value

Abused extremely, and to cry ‘ That's witty!’ –

Which we have not done neither; that, I fear,

All the expected good we're like to hear
like (adv.) 1 likely, probable / probably See Topics: Frequency count

For this play at this time is only in

The merciful construction of good women,
construction (n.) 2 judgement, consideration, appraisal

For such a one we showed 'em. If they smile,

And say 'twill do, I know within a while

All the best men are ours; for 'tis ill hap
hap (n.) 3 happening, event, occurrence
ill (adj.) 1 bad, adverse, unfavourable See Topics: Frequency count

If they hold when their ladies bid 'em clap.
hold (v.) 9 withhold, hold back

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