King Lear

Act I
Act II
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Act V
Enter Gonerill and Oswald, her steward
chiding (n.) 1 telling-off, scolding, rebuke
steward (n.) controller of a household's domestic affairs


Did my father strike my gentleman for chiding

of his Fool?


Ay, madam.


By day and night he wrongs me; every hour

He flashes into one gross crime or other
crime (n.) 1 sin, offence, wrong-doing
flash (v.) 1 break out suddenly, move abruptly
gross (adj.) 8 vile, abhorrent, wicked

That sets us all at odds. I'll not endure it!

His knights grow riotous, and himself upbraids us

On every trifle. When he returns from hunting

I will not speak with him. Say I am sick.

If you come slack of former services
slack (adj.) less attentive, remiss, lax

You shall do well; the fault of it I'll answer.
answer (v.) 4 suffer the consequences [for], be accountable [for]


He's coming, madam; I hear him.


Put on what weary negligence you please,

You and your fellows. I'd have it come to question.
question (n.) 1 argument, contention, dispute

If he distaste it, let him to my sister,
distaste (v.) 1 dislike, not relish, be averse to

Whose mind and mine I know in that are one,

Not to be overruled. Idle old man,
idle (adj.) 2 mad, crazy, lunatic

That still would manage those authorities
authority (n.) 2 power, right, prerogative
still (adv.) 2 ever, now [as before]

That he hath given away! Now, by my life,

Old fools are babes again, and must be used

With checks, as flatteries, when they are seen abused.
check (n.) 1 reprimand, reproof, rebuke

Remember what I have said.


                         Well, madam.


And let his knights have colder looks among you.

What grows of it, no matter. Advise your fellows so.

I would breed from hence occasions, and I shall,
occasion (n.) 1 circumstance, opportunity

That I may speak. I'll write straight to my sister
speak (v.) 6 reprove, admonish, rebuke
straight (adv.) straightaway, immediately, at once See Topics: Frequency count

To hold my very course. Prepare for dinner.
course (n.) 1 course of action, way of proceeding See Topics: Frequency count
hold (v.) 1 keep, maintain, observe


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