Twelfth Night

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Act II
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Music. Enter Orsino Duke of Illyria, Curio, and other



If music be the food of love, play on,

Give me excess of it, that, surfeiting,
surfeit (v.) 1 feed to excess, overindulge, glut

The appetite may sicken, and so die.
appetite (n.) 1 desire, longing, inclination, fancy

That strain again! It had a dying fall.
dying (adj.) fading, dying away
fall (n.) 3 cadence, lowering of tune

O, it came o'er my ear like the sweet sound

That breathes upon a bank of violets,

Stealing and giving odour. Enough, no more!

'Tis not so sweet now as it was before.

O spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou,
fresh (adj.) 4 ready, eager, hungry
quick (adj.) 4 sharp, keen, alert

That, notwithstanding thy capacity

Receiveth as the sea, naught enters there,

Of what validity and pitch soe'er,
pitch (n.) 2 height, elevation, high aspiration
validity (n.) 1 value, worth, estimation

But falls into abatement and low price
abatement (n.) 1 lessening, decrease, diminution

Even in a minute. So full of shapes is fancy
fancy (n.) 1 love, amorousness, infatuation

That it alone is high fantastical.
fantastical (adj.) 1 fanciful, imaginative, full of wild ideas
high (adv.) fully, altogether


Will you go hunt, my lord?


What, Curio?


The hart.


Why, so I do, the noblest that I have.

O, when mine eyes did see Olivia first,

Methought she purged the air of pestilence.
methinks(t), methought(s) (v.) it seems /seemed to me See Topics: Frequency count
purge (v.) 1 cleanse, purify, get rid of impurities [in]

That instant was I turned into a hart,

And my desires, like fell and cruel hounds,
fell (adj.) 1 cruel, fierce, savage

E'er since pursue me.

Enter Valentine

                         How now! What news from her?


So please my lord, I might not be admitted,

But from her handmaid do return this answer:

The element itself, till seven years' heat,
element (n.) 5 air, sky, heavens

Shall not behold her face at ample view,

But like a cloistress she will veiled walk,
cloistress (n.) cloistered nun, member of an enclosed order

And water once a day her chamber round

With eye-offending brine; all this to season
brine (n.) 1 salt water [i.e. tears]
eye-offending (adj.) which hurts the eyes
season (v.) 8 preserve, keep

A brother's dead love, which she would keep fresh

And lasting, in her sad remembrance.
remembrance (n.) 1 memory, bringing to mind, recollection See Topics: Frequency count
sad (adj.) 3 downcast, distressed, mournful, gloomy


O, she that hath a heart of that fine frame
frame (n.) 1 framework, structure, construction

To pay this debt of love but to a brother –

How will she love, when the rich golden shaft
shaft (n.) [long and slender] arrow

Hath killed the flock of all affections else
affection (n.) 2 emotion, feeling

That live in her; when liver, brain, and heart,
liver (n.) 1 part of the body thought to be at the seat of the passions [especially sexual desire]

These sovereign thrones, are all supplied and filled –

Her sweet perfections – with one self king!
self, one a sole, one and the same, a single

Away before me to sweet beds of flowers!

Love thoughts lie rich when canopied with bowers.
canopy (v.) curtain, veil, cover [as if by a canopy]
sweet (adj.) 1 perfumed, scented, fragrant


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