entreat, intreat (v.) 4
treat, handle, deal with
2H6 II.iv.81 [Gloucester to Stanley, of the Duchess] Entreat her not the worse in that I pray / You use her well
3H6 I.i.271 [King to Exeter, of Clifford, Northumberland, and Westmorland] I'll write unto them and entreat them fair
R2 III.i.37 [Bolingbroke to York, of Queen Isabel] fairly let her be intreated
R3 IV.iv.152 [King Richard to Duchess of York and Queen Elizabeth] Either be patient and entreat me fair, / Or with the clamorous report of war / Thus will I drown your exclamations
TC IV.iv.112 [Troilus to Diomedes, of Cressida] Entreat her fair