element (n.) 1
(plural) substances from which all material things are made [believed to be earth, water, air, fire]
JC V.v.73 [Antony to all, of Brutus] the elements [were] / So mixed in him
Oth II.iii.332 [Iago alone, of Desdemona] She's framed as fruitful / As the free elements
TC I.iii.41 [Nestor to Agamemnon, of a boat in rough sea] Bounding between the two moist elements [i.e. air and water]
Tem I.i.21 [Boatswain to Gonzalo] If you can command these elements to silence [i.e. wind and water]
Tem V.i.318 [Prospero to Ariel] to the elements / Be free
TN II.iii.9 [Sir Toby to Sir Andrew] Does not our lives consist of the four elements?