effect (n.) 3
sign, mark, token, manifestation
2H4 II.i.129 [Lord Chief Justice to Falstaff, of the Hostess] answer in the effect of your reputation, and satisfy the poor woman [i.e. befitting your reputation]
JC II.i.250 [Portia to Brutus, of his impatience] Hoping it was but an effect of humour
KL I.i.131 [Lear to Cornwall and Albany] I do invest you jointly with ... all the large effects / That troop with majesty [or: sense 5]
KL II.iv.174 [Lear to Regan] Thou better knowest ... / Effects of courtesy
MA II.iii.109 [Don Pedro to Leonato, of Beatrice] what effects of passion shows she?
Mac V.i.10 [Doctor to Gentlewoman, of Lady Macbeth] A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once the benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching
MM III.i.24 [disguised Duke to Claudio] thy complexion shifts to strange effects, / After the moon
Sonn 85.14 [] my dumb thoughts, speaking in effect [i.e. in external action]