extenuate (v.)
mitigate, lessen, tone down
AC V.ii.125 [Caesar to Cleopatra] We will extenuate rather than enforce [i.e. your frailties]
JC III.ii.38 [Brutus to all, of Caesar] his glory [is] not extenuated, wherein he was worthy
MA IV.i.48 [Claudio to Leonato, of Hero] You will say she did embrace me as a husband, / And so extenuate the 'forehand sin
MM II.i.27 [Angelo to Escalus, of Claudio] You may not so extenuate his offence / For I have had such faults
MND I.i.120 [Theseus to Hermia, of the law] Which by no means we may extenuate
Oth V.ii.338 [Othello to all] Speak of me as I am: nothing extenuate
TC II.ii.188 [Hector to all] to persist / In doing wrong extenuates not wrong, / But makes it much more heavy