air (n.) 1
melody, tune, strain
Cym II.iii.17 [Cloten to musicians, of their playing to Innogen] a wonderful sweet air
MND I.i.183 [Helena to Hermia] your tongue's sweet air / More tuneable than lark to shepherd's ear
Tem I.ii.394 [Ferdinand to himself] This music crept by me upon the waters, / Allaying both their fury and my passion / With its sweet air
Tem I.ii.423 [Ferdinand to Miranda] Most sure, the goddess / On whom these airs attend!
Tem V.i.58 [Prospero probably to charmed Alonso] A solemn air ... cure thy brains
TNK I.iii.75 [Emilia to Hippolyta] had mine ear / Stolen some new air