effect (n.) 1
result, end, outcome, fulfilment
1H6 V.iv.102 [Richard to all] Is all our travail turned to this effect?
AC V.ii.329 [Dolabella as if to Caesar] thy thoughts / Touch their effects in this [i.e. come to be realized]
KL I.i.185 [Kent to Gonerill and Regan] good effects may spring from words of love
KL I.ii.142 [Edmund to Edgar, of a writer] the effects he writes of succeed unhappily
KL IV.ii.15 [Gonerill to Edmund] Our wishes on the way / May prove effects [i.e. may come to pass]
Mac I.v.45 [Lady Macbeth alone] Stop up the access and passage to remorse, / That no compunctious visitings of nature / Shake my fell purpose, nor keep peace between / The effect and it
MM II.i.13 [Escalus to Angelo] the resolute acting of your blood / Could have attained th'effect of your own purpose
MM IV.ii.156 [disguised Duke to Provost, of his remarks about Claudio] To make you understand this in a manifested effect
Oth I.iii.105 [Brabantio to all, of Othello using drugs to seduce Desdemona] with some dram conjured to this effect, / He wrought upon her
TC V.iii.108 [Troilus to Pandarus, of Cressida's letter] no matter from the heart; / Th'effect doth operate another way
TG I.i.50 [Valentine to Proteus, of a lover] Losing ... all the fair effects of future hopes
TG II.vii.73 [Julia to Lucetta, of oaths, tears, and instances of love] Base men, that use them to so base effect!