embracement (n.)
embrace, clasping, hug
CE I.i.44 [Egeon to Duke, of his problems] drew me from kind embracements of my spouse
Cor I.iii.4 [Volumnia to Virgilia, of Martius] the embracements of his bed
Cym I.ii.47 [Posthumus to Innogen, of any future wife] sear up my embracements from a next / With bonds of death
E3 III.iii.28 [King Edward as if to France] why should'st thou be this obstinate / Against the kind embracement of thy friends?
H8 I.i.10 [Norfolk to Buckingham, of the Kings of France and England] how they clung / In their embracement
Per I.i.8 [Antiochus to Pericles, of his daughter] clothed like a bride / For embracements
R3 II.i.30 [King Edward to Buckingham] seal thou this league / With thy embracements to my wife's allies
TC IV.v.148 [Hector to Aeneas, of the fight] The issue is embracement
Tit V.ii.68 [Titus to disguised Tamora] if one arm's embracement will content thee, / I will embrace thee in it by and by
TS Induction.i.116 [Lord to Servingman, of Page behaving as a woman to Sly] with kind embracements, tempting kisses
Ven 312 [of the jennet and Adonis' horse] Beating his kind embracements with her heels
Ven 790 [Adonis to Venus] I hate ... your device in love / That lends embracements unto every stranger
WT V.i.114 [Leontes to Cleomenes, of Florizel and Perdita] Yourself, assisted with your honoured friends, / Bring them to our embracement