execute (v.) 1
carry out, fulfil, perform
1H4 III.i.78 [Mortimer to all, of the sealing of their agreement] A business that this night may execute
2H6 III.i.256 [Suffolk to all, of how not to behave towards an accused murderer] His guilt should be but idly posted over / Because his purpose is not executed
Cor IV.v.223 [Third Servingman to First Servingman, of Coriolanus and Aufidius] 'Tis ... to be executed ere they wipe their lips
E3 II.ii.146 [Countess to King Edward] the law / Can hinder you to execute the one [proposal]
LLL V.ii.834 [Rosaline to Berowne, of his mocking] Which you on all estates will execute / That lie within the mercy of your wit
MV III.i.65 [Shylock to Solanio and Salerio] The villainy you teach me I will execute
R3 I.iv.71 [Clarence to God] execute Thy wrath in me alone
Tem I.ii.104 [Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio] executing th'outward face of royalty
TNK IV.iii.71 [Doctor to Gaoler and Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter] [her senses] may return and settle again to execute their preordained faculties
TS I.i.243 [Lucentio to Tranio] One thing more rests, that thyself execute - / To make one among these wooers