extravagant (adj.)
vagrant, straying, roaming
Ham I.i.155 [Horatio to Marcellus and Barnardo] Th'extravagant and erring spirit hies / To his confine
LLL IV.ii.67 [Holofernes to Nathaniel and Dull, of his literary gift] a foolish extravagant spirit
Oth I.i.137 [Roderigo to Brabantio, of Desdemona] Tying her duty, beauty, wit, and fortunes / In an extravagant and wheeling stranger
TNK IV.iii.72 [Doctor to Gaoler and Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter] [her senses] are now in a most extravagant vagary [i.e. wandering everywhere]