event (n.)
outcome, issue, consequence
1H6 IV.i.191 [Exeter alone, of the quarrelling lords] it doth presage some ill event
1H6 V.v.105 [Suffolk alone, comparing himself to Paris] With hope to find the like event in love
2H4 I.i.166 [Morton to Northumberland] You cast th'event of war
2H6 III.i.326 [Cardinal to Suffolk, of killing Gloucester] you and I must talk of that event
AW III.ii.104 [Helena alone] the event / Of the none-sparing war
Cor II.i.262 [Brutus to Sicinius] Let's ... carry with us ears and eyes for th'time, / But hearts for the event
Cym III.v.14 [Lucius to Cymbeline] the event / Is yet to name the winner
Ham IV.iv.41 [Hamlet alone] thinking too precisely on th'event
Ham IV.iv.50 [Hamlet alone, of Fortinbras] Makes mouths at the invisible event
KL I.iv.345 [Albany to Gonerill] Well, well - th'event! [i.e. we'll see]
MA I.ii.6 [Antonio to Leonato, of the news being good] As the event stamps them
MA IV.i.233 [Friar to Leonato] success / Will fashion the event in better shape
Mac V.iv.15 [Macduff to all] Let our just censures / Attend the true event
MM III.ii.228 [Escalus to disguised Duke, of the Duke] leave we him to his events [i.e. to the outcome of his enterprises]
Per IV.Chorus.45 [Gower alone] The unborn event / I do commend to your content
R2 II.i.214 [York to King Richard] by bad courses may be understood / That their events can never fall out good
TC II.ii.121 [Troilus to Hector] We may not think the justness of each act / Such and no other than event doth form it
Tem I.ii.117 [Prospero to Miranda, of Antonio] Mark his condition and th'event
Tem III.i.69 [Ferdinand to Miranda] O heaven ... crown what I profess with kind event
TN II.iii.169 [Maria to Sir Toby and Sir Andrew] to bed, and dream on the event
TN III.iv.385 [Fabian to Sir Toby] Come, let's see the event
TNK I.ii.113 [Arcite to Palamon, of the war] Let th'event ... tell us / When we know all ourselves
TS III.ii.126 [Baptista to Tranio as Lucentio, of Petruchio] I'll after him and see the event of this
WT III.i.11 [Dion to Cleomenes] If th'event o'th' journey / Prove as successful to the Queen