engage (v.) 1
pledge, give the guarantee of
1H4 I.i.21 [King Henry to all, of Christ] under whose blessed cross / We are impressed and engaged to fight
1H4 II.iv.499 [Prince Hal to Sheriff] I will engage my word to thee
AYL V.iv.163 [Jaques de Boys to all, of his account] This to be true, / I do engage my life
CE V.i.162 [Duke to Adriana] I to thee engaged a prince's word
JC II.i.127 [Brutus to all] what other oath / Than honesty to honesty engaged / That this shall be
MV III.ii.262 [Bassanio to Portia, of Antonio and Shylock] I have ... / Engaged my friend to his mere enemy / To feed my means