deceive (v.) 1
delude, mislead, take in
1H4 V.i.11 [King Henry to Worcester] You have deceived our trust
3H6 I.i.155 [Northumberland to Warwick] Thou art deceived
AYL I.ii.184 [Rosalind to Orlando] Pray heaven, I be deceived in you!
JC II.i.105 [Casca to Cinna and Decius, of their opinions about where the sun rises] You shall confess that you are both deceived
Sonn 104.12 []So your sweet hue, which methinks still doth stand, / Hath motion, and mine eye may be deceived
Sonn 4.10 [] Thou of thyself thy sweet self dost deceive
TC V.iii.90 [Cassandra to Hector] Thou dost thyself and all our Troy deceive