deliver (v.) 3
free, release, liberate
2H4 V.v.39 [Falstaff to Pistol, of Doll] I will deliver her
AW I.i.1 [Countess to all] In delivering my son from me, I bury a second husband [also: sense 6]
KJ III.iv.55 [Constance to Cardinal Pandulph] My reasonable part produces reason / How I may be delivered of these woes
MM IV.iv.11 [Escalus to Angelo] to deliver us from devices hereafter
MV III.iii.22 [Antonio to Solanio, of Shylock] I oft delivered from his forfeitures / Many that have at times made moan to me
R3 I.i.115 [Richard to Clarence] I will deliver you, or else lie for you
TN IV.ii.67 [Sir Toby to Feste, of Malvolio] If he may be conveniently delivered, I would he were
TN V.i.312 [Olivia to Fabian, of Malvolio] See him delivered