dear (adj.) 2
important, major, significant
1H4 I.i.33 [King Henry to all] let me hear ... / What yesternight our Council did decree / In forwarding this dear expedience
1H4 IV.i.34 [Hotspur to Worcester, of Northumberland] nor did he think it meet / To lay so dangerous and dear a trust / On any soul removed but on his own
H5 V.ii.344 [French King to King Henry, of the treaty between France and England] this dear conjunction / Plant neighbourhood ... / In their sweet bosoms
KL III.i.19 [disguised Kent to Gentleman] I ... dare upon the warrant of my note / Commend a dear thing to you
KL IV.iii.51 [disguised Kent to Gentleman] Some dear cause / Will in concealment wrap me up awhile
R3 I.iv.213 [First Murderer to Clarence, of God's law] thou hast broke it in such dear degree
RJ V.ii.19 [Friar Laurence to Friar John, of his letter to Romeo] The letter was not nice, but full of charge, / Of dear import
RJ V.iii.32 [Romeo to Balthasar, of Juliet's ring] that I must use / In dear employment