directly (adv.) 2
straightforwardly, rightly, without evasion
Cor IV.v.192 [First Servingman to Second Servingman, of Coriolanus and Aufidius] He was too hard for him, directly to say the truth on't [or: with comma after 'directly'; in face-to-face encounter]
Cym III.v.114 [Cloten to Pisanio] what villainy soe'er I bid thee do, to perform it, directly and truly, I would think thee an honest man
JC I.i.12 [Marullus to Cobbler] Answer me directly
JC III.iii.9 [Second Plebeian to Cinna] Answer every man directly [pun: 20]
Oth IV.ii.208 [Iago to Roderigo] I have dealt most directly in thy affair