dignity (n.) 2
official position, high office, rule
1H4 I.i.98 [Westmorland to King Henry, of Hotspur] bristle up / The crest of youth against your dignity
2H4 IV.v.99 [King Henry IV to Prince Henry] my cloud of dignity ... will quickly drop
2H6 III.i.338 [York alone] not a thought but thinks on dignity
2H6 V.i.194 [York to King] I am resolved for death or dignity
CE I.i.144 [Duke to Egeon] were it not against ... my dignity
JC III.i.178 [Cassius to Antony] Your voice shall be as strong as any man's / In the disposing of new dignities
R3 III.vii.195 [Buckingham to Richard] take to your royal self / This proffered benefit of dignity
Tim V.i.140 [First Senator to Timon, of the senators] who have thought / On special dignities, which vacant lie