dotage (n.) 1
doting, infatuation, excessive affection
AC I.i.1 [Philo to Demetrius] this dotage of our general's / O'erflows the measure
AC I.ii.118 [Antony to himself] These strong Egyptian fetters I must break, / Or lose myself in dotage
MA II.iii.168 [Don Pedro to Leonato, of Beatrice] I would she had bestowed this dotage on me
MA II.iii.212 [Don Pedro to Leonato, of Beatrice and Benedick] when they hold one an opinion of another's dotage
MND IV.i.46 [Oberon to Puck, of Titania] Her dotage now I do begin to pity
Oth IV.i.27 [Iago to Othello, of knaves] Who having by their own importunate suit / Or voluntary dotage of some mistress / Convinced or supplied them