deliver (v.) 4
hand over, convey, commit to the keeping [of someone]
1H4 V.v.27 [Prince Hal to Lancaster] Go to the Douglas and deliver him / Up to his pleasure
1H6 V.iii.157 [Suffolk to Reignier, of Margaret] I deliver her
AW III.vii.33 [Helena to Widow] your daughter ... delivers me to fill the time, / Herself most chastely absent
LLL I.i.292 [King to Berowne, of Costard] see him delivered o'er
MM I.iii.11 [Duke to Friar Thomas] I have delivered to Lord Angelo ... / My absolute power
MV II.vii.59 [Morocco to Portia] Deliver me the key
TC II.ii.3 [Priam to all, reporting Nestor on the war] Deliver Helen, and all damage else ... / Shall be struck off [also: sense 4]
TG IV.iv.70 [Proteus to disguised Julia, of his ring] She loved me well delivered it to me [i.e. who gave it to me]