descry (v.) 1
catch sight of, make out, espy, discover
AC III.vii.54 [Messenger to Antony, of Caesar] he is descried
E3 I.ii.50 [Messenger to King David] We might descry a mighty host of men
E3 III.i.62 [Mariner to King John] Near to the coast I have descried .. / The proud armado of King Edward's ships
E3 V.i.131 [Salisbury to King Edward, of the army surrounding Prince Edward] there we did descry / Down in a valley how both armies lay
KL IV.v.13 [Regan to Oswald] Edmund, I think, is gone ... to descry / The strength o'th' enemy
Luc 538 [Tarquin to Lucrece] marks descried in men's nativity / Are nature's faults
Oth II.i.4 [First Gentleman to Montano] I cannot 'twixt the heaven and the main / Descry a sail
Per I.iv.60 [Lord to Cleon] We have descried ... / A portly sail of ships
Per V.Epilogue.7 [Gower alone] In Helicanus may you well descry / A figure of truth
R3 V.iii.9 [King Richard to all] Who hath descried the number of the traitors?
TS I.i.229 [Lucentio to Biondello] I killed a man, and fear I was descried