dam (n.)
1H6 I.v.5 [Talbot to Pucelle] Devil or devil's dam, I'll conjure thee
2H6 III.i.214 [King to all] as the dam runs lowing up and down, / Looking the way her harmless young one went
3H6 II.ii.135 [Queen to Richard] thou art neither like thy sire nor dam
Cor III.i.291 [Menenius to Sicinius, of Rome as a mother] like an unnatural dam / Should now eat up her own
H8 I.i.176 [Buckingham to Norfolk] a kind of puppy / To th'old dam, treason
KJ II.i.128 [Constance to Queen Eleanor] as like / As rain to water or devil to his dam!
MV IV.i.136 [Gratiano to Shylock] whilst thou layest in thy unhallowed dam
Tem I.ii.320 [Prospero to and of Caliban] got by the devil himself / Upon thy wicked dam
Tem I.ii.373 [Caliban to himself, of Prospero] His art is of such power, / It would control my dam's god Setebos
Tem III.ii.102 [Caliban to Stephano, of Miranda] I never saw a woman / But only Sycorax my dam and she
Tit II.iii.142 [Lavinia to Demetrius] When did the tiger's young ones teach the dam?
Tit IV.i.96 [Titus to Marcus, of Tamora] beware: / The dam will wake
Tit IV.ii.64 [Aaron to Nurse, of Tamora] she is the devil's dam
Tit V.i.27 [Second Goth to Lucius, reporting Aaron's words to the baby] half me and half thy dam
Tit V.ii.144 [Titus to himself, of Tamora, Chiron, and Demetrius] A pair of cursed hell-hounds and their dam
Tit V.ii.189 [Titus to Chiron and Demetrius, of Tamora] your unhallowed dam
TNK V.iii.23 [Emilia to Theseus] darkness, which ever was / The dam of horror
TS I.i.105 [Gremio to departed Katherina] You may go to the devil's dam
TS III.ii.155 [Tranio as Lucentio to Gremio, of Katherina] Why, she's ... the devil's dam
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