disposition (n.) 3
inclination, mood, frame of mind
AYL II.iv.77 [Corin to Rosalind as Ganymede] My master is of churlish disposition
AYL IV.i.103 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] I will be your Rosalind in a more coming-on disposition
AYL IV.iii.118 [Oliver to Rosalind and Celia disguised, of the lion] The royal disposition of that beast
Cor I.vi.74 [Martius to all intending to follow him] Let him ... / Wave thus to express his disposition, / And follow Martius
Cor II.i.29 [Menenius to Brutus and Sicinius] Give your dispositions the reins
Cor II.ii.13 [Second Officer to First Officer, of Coriolanus and the people] the true knowledge he has in their disposition
Cor III.ii.21 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] Lesser had been / The crossings of your dispositions
Ham III.i.12 [Guildenstern to Gertrude, of Hamlet] But with much forcing of his disposition
KL I.i.303 [Gonerill to Regan] If our father carry authority with such disposition as he bears
KL I.iv.217 [Gonerill to Lear] put away / These dispositions which of late transport you
KL I.iv.289 [Gonerill to Albany, of Lear] let his disposition have that scope / As dotage gives it
KL II.ii.151 [Gloucester to disguised Kent, of Cornwall] Whose disposition ... / Will not be rubbed nor stopped
KL III.v.5 [Cornwall to Edmund, of Edgar and Gloucester] I now perceive it was not altogether your brother's evil disposition made him seek his death
KL IV.ii.31 [Albany to Gonerill] I fear your disposition
MM I.ii.117 [Provost to Claudio, of taking him to prison] I do it not in evil disposition
RJ I.iii.66 [Lady Capulet to Juliet] How stands your dispositions to be married?