dominion (n.)
land, territory, province
Cym III.ii.41 [Innogen reading Posthumus' letter] your father's wrath (should he take me in his dominion)
E3 I.i.83 [King Edward to Lorraine] 'Tis not a petty dukedom that I claim, / But all the whole dominions of the realm
E3 II.ii.11 [Derby to Audley] the Emperor ... makes our king lieutenant-general / In all his lands and large dominions
E3 IV.i.11 [Salisbury to Mountford] The whole dominion of the realm of France
H8 II.iv.16 [Queen Katherine to King Henry] I am a most poor woman, and a stranger, / Born out of your dominions
KL I.i.177 [Lear to Kent] If ... / Thy banished trunk be found in our dominions