want (v.) 3
fall short [of], be deficient [in]
AC II.ii.80 [Antony to Caesar] Three kings I had newly feasted, and did want / Of what I was i'th' morning [i.e. I was not myself]
AW I.i.9 [Lafew to Bertram, of the King's goodness] whose worthiness would stir it up where it wanted
Cym IV.iii.20 [First Lord to Cymbeline, of Cloten] There wants no diligence in seeking him
KJ II.i.435 [Hubert to King John and King Philip, of Blanche] And she again wants nothing, to name want, / If want it be not that she is not he [first instance]
KJ IV.i.98 [Arthur to Hubert] the utterance of a brace of tongues / Must needs want pleading for a pair of eyes
KJ IV.iii.138 [Hubert to Bastard] Let hell want pains enough to torture me
KL IV.vi.264 [Edgar, reading a letter from Gonerill to Edmund] if your will want not, time and place will be fruitfully offered
Luc 1459 [of Lucrece] shapes her sorrow to the beldame's woes, / Who nothing wants to answer her but cries
MA III.ii.19 [Don Pedro to Claudio, of Benedick] if he be sad, he wants money
PassP IV.9 [] whether unripe years did want conceit
Tit II.iii.238 [Quintus to Martius] Reach me thy hand, that I may help thee out, / Or, wanting strength to do thee so much good, / I may be plucked into the swallowing womb / Of this deep pit
TNK III.v.33 [Schoolmaster to all] Couple then, / And see what's wanting
TNK IV.ii.154 [Pirithous to Theseus] There shall want no bravery
TNK V.i.5 [Theseus to all] Let no due be wanting
WT IV.iv.601 [Autolycus alone] My clown, who wants but something to be a reasonable man