woodcock (n.)
type of game bird, thought to be easily tricked or snared; simpleton
3H6 I.iv.61 [Clifford to all, of York] so strives the woodcock with the gin
AW IV.i.89 [First Lord to Second Soldier, of Parolles] We have caught the woodcock
Ham V.ii.300 [Laertes to Osrick] as a woodcock to mine own springe
LLL IV.iii.80 [Berowne to himself, , of all those who have taken vows] Four woodcocks in a dish!
MA V.i.152 [Claudio to Don Pedro] Shall I not find a woodcock too?
TN II.v.83 [Fabian to Sir Toby and Sir Andrew, of Malvolio] Now is the woodcock near the gin
TS I.ii.158 [Grumio aside to Petruchio, of Gremio] O this woodcock, what an ass it is!