wight (n.)
[archaism] person, human being
H5 II.i.57 [Pistol to Nym] O braggart vile, and damned furious wight!
LLL I.i.175 [Berowne to all] Armado is a most illustrious wight
MW I.iii.19 [Pistol to Bardolph] O base Hungarian wight!
MW I.iii.34 [Pistol to Falstaff, of Ford] I ken the wight
Oth II.i.155 [Iago to Desdemona, of a woman] She was a wight, if ever such wight were
Oth II.iii.88 [Iago singing, of King Stephen] He was a wight of high renown
Per I.Chorus.39 [Gower alone] many a wight did die
Sonn 106.2 [] I see descriptions of the fairest wights
TC IV.ii.12 [Troilus to Cressida, of night] With venomous wights she stays / As hideously as hell
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